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Our Story

     In 1869 a chapter established the Village of Alden in the southeastern part of the Township of Alden, which was founded in 1823, becoming one of the 26 townships comprising Eire County, NY State. By the end of the 19th Century, fire protection became an issue as homes and businesses were built close to each other. This presented a danger that could destroy the entire village if one home or business caught fire. People throughout the U.S. were very aware of the horrible fire that ravaged Chicago, Illinois taking the lives of several hundred people.


     A Fire brigade existed in the village with a hand pumper and bucket brigade. The village mayor acted as chief if a fire was reported. In 1898 the village completed a water system that provided water service to homes, businesses, and hydrants. In August 1899 the Alden Hose Co. was approved and put in service by the Alden Village Board, creating the first formal fire company. The company was a group of men and one hand-pulled hose cart.

     In September 1899 the village approved the establishment of the Alden Hook & Ladder Co. They had a hand-pumped ladder wagon. In time, both companies moved to motorized apparatus, the Hose Co. in 1922 and the Hook & Ladder Co. in 1940.

     The two separate fire companies protected the village for over 50 years but a change was coming. In 1950 the two fire companies merged and became one; the Alden Hook and Ladder Fire Co. Within a few years, the village would provide fire protection to the township surrounding the village as the Town of Alden would be protected by four companies; Alden H&L Fire Co., Crittenden Fire Co., Millgrove Fire CO., & Townline Fire Co. 

     In the early 1960s, the Alden Hook and Ladder Co. moved to a new fire station on Broadway. Also in that time frame. was when they started providing ambulance service to all the residents in Alden. In 1969 the Alden H&L FC added a 65' Ariel device to the apparatus serving the community. In the mid-1980s a second fire station was added on Broadway 2.5 Miles west of the main hall.

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